Boosting the Visibility and Influence of the Congress

The work carried out by the Congress is often innovative when it comes to improving democracy in the local and regional contexts. Yet awareness of its endeavours has to be raised, particularly at the governmental level. A significant amount of work has been undertaken, aimed at establishing partnerships with European institutions and territorial associations. Although the Congress is now well-known and respected—not only in the local and regional ecosystem within Europe, but also internationally—it still does not carry the influence it could—or should.


Within the Council of Europe, the Congress must also be viewed as a second political assembly comprising elected representatives within an intergovernmental organisation. Greater dialogue with the Committee of Ministers is essential.


The Congress communication must finally be given additional resources, and we must continue to develop our social media presence. An emphasis must also be placed on interlinking our social media with those of our elected representatives. Lastly, it is vital that we assist elected representatives and involve them in this digital communication plan.